Ruaha National Park

AREA : 13,000 Sq. Km.
ALTITUDE : 1000 Metres

Ruaha National Park, the second largest national park in the country, is one of the unexplored parks in Tanzania and the largest elephant sanctuary. The name Ruaha derives from the great Ruaha River which flows along its entire eastern border creating spectacular gorges and scenery. Hippo, crocodile, turtle and fish inhabit the river.

Elephants are often to be seen on the banks of the Ruaha River. Lion, giraffe and other animals can also be found.

The special attraction of Ruaha, besides its spectacular scenery, is its unspoilt wilderness. This park is relatively unknown and only recently developed for tourism and less frequented by tourists.

The park is also known for its concentration of greater and lesser kudu, its roan and sable antelope and its rich bird life; more than 400 species of birds have been recorded.

Its geographical location means that it is visited by both northern and southern migrants. Ruaha also has a great variety of resident bird species. The best time for keen bird watchers is between January to April.

The terrain within most of the park is a well wooded, undulating plateau at an average altitude of 915m with mountains in the south and west rising up to 1600m and 1900m above sea level respectively. Miombo woodland forms the dominant vegetation, changing to combritum/commiphora to the east.

The best months for game viewing are June to December.